Motion Blur Techniques

Does anyone have any good techniques for motion blur. I modeled a hard drive and want to make the actuator arm look likes its moving at high speed. Motion blur would achieve the effect I’m looking for.

Thanks in advance


try turning on motion blur.

make it an animation and render the frame in the middle of the movement of the arm.

Are you looking to render a single frame? or an animation?

There’s a m-blur button in the render buttons. I had a bit of a play around with it - this is how it works:

It uses the OSA value (Either 5, 8, 11 or 16) to render a number of frames and blur them together.

It works out the frames as a proportion of the current frame and the prior frame (using the MBlur value)

So for instance, if OSA (Which incidentally doesn’t need to be turned on) is at 5 and mBlur is set to 0.5 then when rendering frame 10, Blender will render frame 9.5, 9.6, 9.7, 9.8, 9.9 and 10 and blur them together.

Set mBlur higher to make a larger blur, use a higher OSA value for a smoother blur.

Of course - if you’re only rendering a single frame, you’ll still need to define some movement, or else the motion blur will render a number of identical frames and blur them together!

Hope this helps!

Now thats what I call an answer. Thanks.