Motion blur [undesireably] affecting image sequence texture

i have an animation that i’d like to render out with motion blur, the character in the animation uses different textures for the mouth and eyes (for closing and opening). i have these as an image sequence in the texture with the frame hooked up to a driver for easier animation

all works well until i render with motion blur on, when the mouth or eyes change, for a single frame the two textures are blended together, which looks reeeeeally ugly when in motion …

i do have a workaround for this, however it’s slow and tedious

  1. look through frames of rendered png sequence
  2. find a frame with 2 blended together
  3. go to that frame in the blend and delete all keyframes on the face drivers
  4. render and export that frame over the original
  5. repeat for all offending frames

i’d like to know if there is a way to make this not happen ? (or at least a less tedious way of doing the method above), thanks !!


That’s weird, I’m not sure blender is supposed to do that…

What render engine are you using ? it’s worth testing another one, like if you use eevee maybe try cycles ( unless you relies on shader to RGB ).

Also it’s worth making a simple test case, like playing the image sequence on a rotating plane, without any driver involved just to make sure you get the same issue.
I’m wondering if motion blur is at fault here.

Are you animating UVs here, or it’s really the frame of an image sequence ?

just tested, the issue isn’t there in cycles (i’d much rather use eevee for this however),
and yes it is really an image sequence !

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Change your offset keyframes to constant interpolation, maybe?


Ok thanks for providing more infos !

You can try to set motion blur step to 1 :

Here is a test I did , the cube is static only the texture is animated :

Step 10 :

Step 1 (expected result) :

Step 1 and fast motion :

Step 10 :

Good luck !

oh i tried this, issue persisted though : (

hmm, i see
thanks for your help !

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