motion capture freeware

Anyone ever used this? I really wanted to use this a year or two ago.
Just downloaded it again and wanted to try it out. Just wondering how good the bvh files were. I guess I will just try it out.

how would u use bvh files in blender???

the program seems to be promising, i really want to try it out but i dont know what to do with the bvh files

any help?

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First I have been dreaming about this working great for years. I started with 3d canvas hoping that it would be able to handle bvh. It was lame.

I have played with this in different versions of blender and had ok results. Probably more my fault then Blenders. My problems seem to be getting my character to follow the bvh armatures without distorting wildly.
This is old and not sure of its function now.

Here are some tips I have used… correct me if I am wrong.

1 First I have a model that is ready motion. (human man perprotions)
2 Import the bvh file make sure to have a couple some dont work they are fixable I think but I cant be fussed
3 On import I change the scale to .1 instead of .01
4. Most of the bvh data comes in facing the character z up. But it seems ok to rotate it now thanks to Ideasman I think.
5. I have found that scaling my mesh to fit the armatures to be better. distorting the armatures seems to make a mess of the animation. Until I find out where it is best to scale and edit them.
6. try and get the armatures inside your mesh ready for skinning.
7. Follow the tutorial on skinning.
8. You can select your object and then the armature and ctrl-p to parent select make vertex groups from closest.
9 Then using vertex groups make sure that the right vertexs are connected to the right bones. Outliner is really handy now.
10. You can use weight paint to change the strength of the influence from one bone to another.
ps You can add the armatures modifer to your object<<<out of time>> will be back to edit

Sorry this a real rough sketch I guess a good video tutorial and some blends would help.

you know what I need to back over this I think that i missed a step or two. really want to thank ideasman and the others that have improved the armantures and animation. They are so so much better. I havent used this but now there is bone layers, So I that I believe you can have multiple rigs. And now that we can bake those into action sequence and blend them. As well as play with the ipos. I have yet to do these. Really its nice to work with.

thank you for posting this thread, ibkanat! now i can make my animations with no problem! YESSSSSSSSS!!

Are you talking specifically abou the DgeeMe program?

I downloaded both verstions from that page and both of them have the export to BVH greyed out, only the “Digitized Points” option is enabled.


i have that too! i cant export my bvh file!:S

*ibkanat, thank you for the animation tut…but i already am really good at animating, and texturing, and bone deformation, i just never used bvh files before thats all i wanted to know, however, thank you for posting it anyway it was very kind of you:)

but yeah… i c great potential in this stuff! thanks for sharing it with us ibkanat!