Motion Capture Suits and Blender

Hello, everybody.

I’ve been having a question about Motion Capture (Mocap) Suits and Blender for a while now. And I’ve tried to do as much research as possible before posting my questions here.
Well who knows the differences of the Mocap suits? And which ones work well with Blender and which ones don’t?

The Mocap Suit with the red circle around it is the most common Mocap Suit in the business, is that because there is a lot of high contrast on the Suit like track marks, and do those numbers 8 have a special use or is that more of Suit 8 characteristic to the actor? And do all those marks work on that suit to be able to use it if you want to Motion Track it?

And so also you have the Suit that Clinton Jones (AKA Pwnisher) uses in the YouTube channel Corridor Crew / VFX Artist React he used a cheaper / more user-friendly Mocap Suit, but there were no track marks / high contrast marks on the suit, does such a suit also work for Mocaps towards Blender?

And what are the differences with the other Mocap Suits I have also pictured here? I saw in several Mocap Footage that less use is made of a gym full of hundreds of cameras and very sensitive reflective track marks on the suits, as soon as something blocks a reflective mark the track is no longer correct.

I’m making a Short Movie, and I’m delving into learn curves. Who knows, this might still be too big for Mocaps, but I do want to learn from this, after years and years of watching Behind the Scenes of movies, Virtual Production in Unreal Engine. I have directed and co-directed small video productions myself in the past.

I would like to hear from someone who understands this, I find this interesting and I really want to learn it.



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Have you seen this? It’s a lot cheaper than many of the big, film industry standard options, and it has some interesting technology


Difficult questions.


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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I only have a question that unfortunately I couldn’t get out of the link: Difficult questions. was about my first question about the first Mocap Suit, purely out of interest.Maybe someone else has an answer for that or a particular link? :slight_smile:

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I’ve been asking for it for a while. But are the numbers and the Checkers (Black/White) (below I have outlined Checkers) also purely for the high contrast to pin your Track Points to? And the Track Darts on the Suit itself (round) is again purely intended for the Motion Tracking!.

And does anyone know exactly whether what I said is correct? What the numbers on the suit are for? (see my main post outlined at the top)

Checkers this has a section about how the markers on the suits work