Motion Capture with props

I’ve used motion capture (Perception Neuron) to record the movements of a woman moving with a bowl. I used a prop cable to capture the bowl’s animation but I can’t see this prop point in Blender.

After Googling with no luck, I’ve now decided to animate the bowl manually, using Object Constraint to make it a child of the woman’s right hand. This seems to work quite well but of course it doesn’t account for the left hand.

The workflow I’m considering is using an Object Constraint to make the bowl a child of the left hand and then a Bone Constraint to make the right hand a child of the bowl (as both hands should be holding the bowl at the same time).

I’ve tried this and it does make the movement of the right hand correct. Unfortunately the hand also periodically enters into the bowl as it has no understanding of where the edge of the bowl is. I’ve added an image to illustrate this.

If anyone can advise me of best practice for this kind of animation, or a suggested workflow, I’d be very grateful. I’m new to animation and hope there’s an easier way than going through the right hand’s animation frame by frame…