Motion Capture

I have recently heard anout a technology that uises two offset webcams torecognise the movement of different points on the oidy of a person so that as the person moves, then a chracter in a 3D package will move with the person in view of the webcams.

Does anyone know of a place where I can get some software that will do this and import into blender?

i have seen references to Visual marker 2.0 on the net, but havenot found a reliable download link at all…

Any info would be cool


Let’s say you are going to make a scene with martial-art. Then you can probably google for some martial-art videos and then you just try to copy the moves you want as good as you can with an armature. I never tried this way but I think it’s pretty good.

And if you’re wanna do motion capture you have to buy the things you need to do it and I don’t think they are the cheapest thing you can buy.

I simply use two video cameras and do all the conversion by hand. These are simple walk - run cycles and DaVinci Poses for references. If you keep the cameras rolling between shots you can get some nice idle cycles. I even used a framegrab to texture with. It’s fun.


On you can download Icarus, which is motion tracking, for the camera, not for body… I was curious about that though, but I’m sure it costs a fortune, 'cause just 2 years ago, it was a HUGE tech deal, all the Vid-games bragged about it.

Yeah, you have to pay a bundle if you want to use it for commercial use, otherwise its free for personal use.