motion path calculation

respected masters,

I selected one bone in my animated armature (V 2.71) and asked blender to calculate the motion path of the bone and it done the calculation for me.
I changed some key frames and again asked to update it… _ it is not obeying!
the first calculated path is also not disappearing from the 3d port (while N Panel - display - “only render” box not checked on)

what will be cause?

please help me…

example.blend (485 KB)

her is a example.

-y location of the foot bones is linear
-forward movement of the root bone has the same distance/frame like the foot bone.
-it is possible to speed up or slow down the walking by scaling of the root and walk cycle stripe in the nla without slip.–
-same system works with follow the path. But you should have the curve length to calculate the right distance (curve tool addon makes it possible).
-only by moving a curve it has side slip.

Hope this helps

I have similar problems and no perfect solution for a complex walk with different foot steps.
Hopefully a master tell some tricks.

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