Motion tracking problem(s)


I’m new to blender but I’m using it for some motion tracking but I’m encoutering some problems

  1. The motion tracking only lasts for a couple of seconds, sometimes around 7, sometimes around 9 but then the image just freezes. The bar at the timeline however continues running but the image freezes and tracking stops.
  2. Is there a way to export the coordinates of the extracted path to an excell file for example. Giving the spatial coordinates (an x and y value that is)
  3. After stopping the movie in the middle and you resume it again, the movie has frozen, I need to really pull the purple/blue bar back to the beginning and only then the movie will start playing again.

Hopefully someone can help me! :slight_smile:


Not sure your exact problem but you may want to try increasing your memory cache limit and see if that changing anything. If you are not sure what I mean then in the User Preferences under Systems it is found see Attached Image.

Thanks but it doesn’t seem to work :frowning: the motion still freezes after a while

It could be a Codec error, have you tried changing the video into a nother intermediate format? Also, I’m sure you have checked, but what is the scene length? Perhaps you are crashing into the total frames duration of the scene.

As Softwarespecial suggest the memory shouldn’t be an issue. As the Movie Clip editor actually buffers the media in a cache. Dropping off the frames that it doesn’t use.