Motor Cycle - Futuristic concept

Here is my recent project. Its my first model of this type. Im sorry for not being too creative. lol
I was thinking I had to have this sort of things in my portfolio too cuz’ there are too many characters right now. :slight_smile:
The area between the wheel and the rest of the motor is lacking in details but to be honest, I got bored of modeling it.
I can`t say I gave everything I could but it turned out fine enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really clean and an interesting design. I like particularly the rear wheel concept.

It is indeed lacking details but I understand that you can get bored of a project.

Good work, AlinB! I like the juxtaposition of clean/dirty or organic/man made. The modeling of the bike looks very clean and tight. The edges are neither too sharp nor too soft. Perhaps it could use more details in some areas, but overall it is good.
It does feel like the image may be a bit too bright, or could use more contrast (Or just less indirect/ambient light) but then again maybe you prefer lower contrast in your final images. Great work! I’m sure it will stand out in your portfolio!

Thanks guys!
The image may be a bit bright cuz my monitor always shows darker for some reasons. ^^