Motorbike - retro future

Hi all,

I tried to get back to blender after 4 long years without any time for 3D… and then lockdown !
I have mostly worked before in military aircraft style but as a rider I love motorbikes and I try with this one to go out my comfort zone by doing something different. In militray aircraft texturing is THE big matter and that is a good news for me as I am a bad modeller :slight_smile:

So this is the very first steps of a motorbike, inspired initially by Otomo’s books “Akira”.
Everything is wip and must be fixed/continued.
(Sorry for the poor quality images, my computer is not really a beast)

some clays

a wire

and a basic overall colors test for fun


Hehe nice work!
But it does not look like the bike from Akira:)) so if you say at first, maybe you started with the front wheel cover? :slight_smile:
I love the work so far!
Maybe make the rear wheel a bit more fat?

Hi Color.pixel.

Thanks a lot for your nice comment. If you think about Kaneda’s bike (the famous red one) you are right it is very different ! I should have mentioned I was talking about others bikes in the books, ride by anonymous bikers :slight_smile: I will try to scan it to illustrate.

I will try your advice on rear wheel. The problem with it is that feet of the rider are on each side of it. If it is very fat, the bike could not take angle, contrary to Kaneda’s one. But I see what you mean, and will try to do something.

thanks again !