I make this without concept… sometime I just start to model. This start as one polygon :slight_smile:

That is amazing, I always plan my work. I guess I am damaged from working as a project manager.
Did you use Blender when working with materials?

Having good concept is much better/smarter way to work, but it’s less fun way :slight_smile:
Seriously, for personal stuff I rarely have strong concept, especially for hard surface, sometime I make concept when 3D model is already 60 - 70% finished, to avoid to much wandering. When I start this bike I have rough idea that this will be some ugly, bulky stuff with room for weapon in front. Work without precise sketch have advantage that you are much more free to explore shapes, downside is that you many times delete mesh, because you are not satisfied.

For materials I use Substance painter and procedural, depending of case. Blender have great capability for procedural texturing, even without UV. But this is slow to render. More classical approach need UV and texture size can be problem, unless you have GPU with loot of RAM.

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What software did you use when working with the materials ?

For now I mostly use Substance Painter, but I will try Quixel Mixer which look very powerful and it’s free.
Other than that, Photoshop, Krita, Gimp… for additional stuff.
… do not laugh. For graphic elements like warning signs, dials, etc. I mostly use Blender. For me is much more easy to write text, add some lines in 3D and render “texture” with emissive materials. For some reason I don’t love vector programs.
There are couple addons which can make good results. But you in most cases must bake maps, so Painter and Mixer look as much more effective.

I have been experimenting with Quixel Mixer and ArmorPaint in order to have a somewhat free workflow.
I was trying out some way to make ornaments and used Affinity Designer to create a “preliminary” displacement-map before did the last touches in Quixel Mixer. But there are some reasons I am bit hesitant towards Quixel Mixer (even if you cannot say much since it’s free) But I would like support for several materials for the imported files and (if they have not fixed it since I tried last time) opacity and illumination map. For instance, I did this gold doubloon as a simple first try using affinity designer and Quixel mixer.

I had some problems trying out ArmorPaint and QuixelMixer which I posted here:

I am thinking at some point I ither figure this out or move over to SubstancePainter.

Then I moved on to a bit more challenging project

On YouTube are video which compare Substance, Mixer and Armor Paint. Even if we put aside price there is not clear winner.
But after looking on your works I have somethin different in mind. Jewelry is very tricky topic. Some people specialized for this. Couple years ago I watch Silverwing tutorials about jewelry modeling - rendering. Thus dude like you can see he is focused on photo real stuff. So he bring professional photographer to explain him some stuff, also he always insist on real life size models. For this tutorial he use precise measurement tools. And then materials… entire science… in short I ask my friends : can we watch something more… interesting :slight_smile:
Seriously, for most of stuff you can have relatively sloppy textures , but jewelry is almost always zoomed, even little omission is very obvious. Even worse, Silverwing in this tutorial make modern jewelry which have simple forms. Having carving, reliefs… make stuff much more complicated.
Anyway I can recommend to you to try Octane for Blender. He have physically accurate metals, and caustic. You must go and search for proper IOR and use some math :frowning: But you get very realistic results. Also right light is very important. So this is first step, to get realistic renders of simple jewelry. Latter you can add more complexity. But like I say jewelry is entire field - niche, and you must be really passionate about this.
PS. do you use only displacement which you make in some programs or you try to sculpt, or project map on geometry to see all possible problems, and fix it in sculpt mode ( Blender - Zbrush, 3DCoat… ), and then bake maps again?

PPS. In substance Painter you can project your displacement details as alfa and then export normal map and replace original. In this way you get details which are backed on low poly. I use this to avoid sculpting on ultra heavy meshes in Zbrush. Advantage is that you have instant feedback of your model final look.

So I am not into Jewelry in that way, I wanted to add a pirate treasure to an old render I did and also use it as a way to figure out a pipeline for displacements without any pricy software and it just sort of got out of hand :slight_smile: .I did not sculpt this I just did it using sub-div modeling. I am sure there are much better and easier ways of getting this done. I captured some video while working on some different crowns some time back, to begin with, I make some kind of simple version just to figure out what I am doing.
Then I bake a emit texture and use that as a base to do a very simple displacement mapping in Affinity Designer.
Then Import the fbx of this project into Quixel Mixer to add finishing touches and more realistic materials and be able to export all sorts of maps that I might need if I want to sell this later on.

Question: what files does Substance Painter import? because in Quixel Mixer I need to use something like and fbx or similar.

Really Nice work…looks fast. I never plan ahead either, it is more fun

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Painter support obj. fbx. … I think that there is live link for Blender.
Interesting workflow. Well, maybe you can try to poly model this. I know that this is PITA, but result will be much better. And you can bake maps also.
One dude here make pure magic with polygons Topology Works - #56 by 1D_Inc … I don’t know are this legal :smiley:
Seriously this crown have many repetitive elements. Also once you model this, you can use it again for different stuff.
You can also try Substance Designer. Well there is learning curve, but once you grasp principle, you will be able to make almost everything and apply this in every further project. Honestly I don’t use it, but I see amazing work done in Designer.

…Heh, so you just want this for one specific project. Displacement is expensive, even Octane which give “free” displacement for sure will have trouble with zillion of coins. I don’t know how you plan for
this scene, but you probably can use only normal / bump for majority of stuff. At least I will do this… until get RTX 3090

So I figured a zillion coins would be a problem so I tried to create a seamless texture with coins.
This is good if you want to create a chest filled with coins and other stuff.

Well I also figured like, if I am modelling all of this stuff, why not make a lot of similar stuff to use for upcoming scenes and also put it out on blender-market and cg-trader to maybe get.
However, I don’t know what the market is for pirate-treasure-packs, probably oversaturated.

Yeah, I have been looking at Substance Designer and if I had zillions of coins in the real world I would probably use both Substance Suite and Adobe Creative Suit as a compliment to Blender
(yes I would use Blender instead of other 3d software even if got those for free).
But I am trying to figure out this with somewhat free (or at least not as expensive) software.

Now thinking about it. I should buy Substance Painter/Designer figure out a workflow to create awesome stuff and then recreate the workflow with open source(or non pricy stuff) stuff.

Yap, texture to fill chest and there and here couple “real” stuff to give full illusion. In games they use this trick often. Do you try grab doc addon he give very nice results. Maybe you can make couple piles and stich textures in some 2D software, “seems” can be filled with real assets, you don’t need perfectly seamless texture. CG is big illusion after all :slight_smile:

He, he market is oversaturated for every thing. Sad truth are that modelers are on bottom of food chain. You can find amazing stuff for just couple of bucks. One architect show me couple sites where he buy cars for $30-40 or less, same quality as Evermotion.

Mixer are free but you need to bake maps. Marmoset toolbag do it very well but he is to expensive to me in this moment… simply can’t justify such investment. Same is with Substance Designer, not to mention that I don’t have time - will - need to dig in this software. All depend of your needs.
And talking about prices… do you think that brands like De Walt, Makita, Hilti, etc. die because flood of cheap power tools? All this “freeeeeeee” hype sound a little frivolous to me. Maybe because in past I use many tools, and pay for it. So I know difference between free ( borrowed ), cheep tools and professional. So if someone need to drill only a few holes he can pass with cheep no name tool. Otherwise buy quality stuff which can do business.

Grabhoc looks interesting, thanks for the tip.
I spent some months modeling a model of a Chevrolet Impala some time back, thinking of selling it but got a cease and desist from GM. Or Cgtrader just told me they had when I asked why my model was not online anymore. Anyways It took some time:

It was a fun project, a bit frustrating getting it right try to use the car from the old show supernatural as ref. Turns out they have 4 different cars that are all considered screen accurate ,took dome head scratching before I figured that out.

I really enjoy the problem Solving part of this , figuring out a non-pricy workflow that gives me high end results. Even if I will never be able to challange the speed of using industry standard tools. Maybe buy them when/if I get revenue from any sold models .
Might be something worth documenting in a blog about or maybe it would be a cautionary tale.

I think I see myself more like the guy who restores old cars on the weekends and sells them than a car company producing 5 cars a minute with fancy tools and robots

This is odd. If you remember BMW couple years ago force all sellers to take down BMW models. On my local art forum one dude … really are pissed. He just finish BMW model, last in series. He plan to release it as bundle of almost all BMW models for this year, and they screw them hardly, such work wasted. Moar, most of 3D people on this forum are in archviz, so they simply say that they will no further put BMW in his scenes, simple like that. So, BMW don’t sell 3D models of his car, they just lose free advertisement. But in your case this is even more stupid. This car is maybe not real oldtimer, but “classic” for sure. Really don’t see purpose of this. This is reason because exist entire market for “no-name” products, from cars to electronic gadgets. Artists - customers want to be on safe side.

Little update, materials are more or less place holders, there is much work to do. Octane render, fast CC in Photoshop. There is couple details to add, now I have better picture how model can look.


Spent 6 months modeling that car , I had a whole series of old muscle cars known from tv-series and movies planned. Youre bike gave me an idea, nothing stops me from designing my own muscle car.

This debacle with BMW cause discussion. People post his experiences, really this madness go to far. Take for example Google Street. You simply want to make “visit” to London, New York, Tokyo… from your chair :slight_smile:
But people are blurred , buildings are blurred, vehicles are blurred, there are often artifacts when AI are confused… in short your tourist experience are ruined. Bah, you know that in GTA games all car are imaginary models. Rockstar simply don’t want to hassle with all legal troubles… and no body care because there is no “famous” cars on streets.
On Turbo Squid are article about copyright issues… mean possible issues. Also there are article about no-name product models. Anyway, when I draw muscle cars for my pleasure I often make some changes ( better or worse :smiley: ), so same can be applied to 3D models.

Wow those textures really bring this to life.

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Bike is finished, here is one render with alternate skin. I plan to make entire scene, bike is one of assets. Here is police dron… light version :wink:

I probably will unvrap only body, rest will be procedural and image textures