Gold Doubloon 3D Model

I was trying to get the hang of creating custom displacement mappings without any fancy software.
So my first try at this was this gold doubloon. I used Blender to model this, Affinity Designer to do
some basic displacement maps and then Quixel Mixer in order to polish the maps a bit and export the maps.

I Created a little video aswell for selling this thing. I hope you like it.


Excellent! Iā€™d like to know more about displacement in Affinity, pls. =]

Hey @Gnaws
So I am sure there are way better and simpler ways of doing this. Like with any of the standard softwares.

But If you like I have some videos on using the same technique on my Instagram.
Here I am working on a simple ring :

Here I am working a crown

Let me know If you want anything else