Motorcycle animations

Hi everyone.I’m a newcomer from far-east island.
This is my first post.
please comment and suggestion.
Above image is a part of sequence from my animation.
The animation is here.

Caplicon, that’s an impressive first post. Well done - these are very cool animations! It must have been quite a lot of work.

Is there really a scooter like this on the market? Did you do this animation as part of a job or just for fun?

Crits: I think you could work on the scene itself and the lighting/materials - it looks a bit dull. Some of the girl’s movements look a bit static and it looks strange that she comes up with her chest when the wheelie starts - it doesn’t look like she pulls the bike up, it rather looks like she is moved up by the wheelie which doesn’t make sense (hard to explain ;)). You are using geocities to host your work - people don’t see the embedded image and have to copy&paste the animation urls into a browser window to see them :(. It’s too much effort for many people so they will never see your work.

I’m really looking forward to see more!

Thank you for suggestion, thoro.
This scooter, YAMAHA made, really exists in my island’s market.
I’d done this animation only for fun.
And I’d changed my host for many people.

Exceptional work.

Her walk cycle at the start is a little stiff. She could use some bouncing and anciliary movements while the bike is in motion. She’s pretty stiff during the ride as well.

The wheels don’t seem to be rotating fast enough for the speed that she seems to be travelling.

These are the only crits I have. The rest is very well done.