Motorola X phone

Motorola X phone.

Well this is my latest project I’ve been working on. The images were made in blender and rendered in cycles. The phone it self comes in multiple colors and materials. Let me know what you guys think of my work, thanks!

Also, here is a link to the wip thread. You can also check up my blog for other work I have done here.


A few more variations of the phone.


coool design and render!

Thanks Jibz!

These are outstanding renders! I was watching a video on Vimeo today that was a timelapse of how a “Mac World” cover is made and I couldn’t help thinking “why wouldn’t you just do a 3d render?” ha ha! Your render is better than their photography :slight_smile:

Here’s the link if you care to see it

I’m glad to see this work up in the “Finished Projects” section now! Absolutely outstanding work. The details put into the model really push it above and beyond to that next level. I appreciate that you’ve even changed the time in each render!

Just out of curiosity, are these actual phone wallpaper pictured, or did you just find photos that you liked?

5 star work, for sure!

comeinandburn- That’s funny that you mention that, I would agree with you; While there is a craftsmanship in high quality studio photography that I appreciate, you would think they would just send it out to a cg studio. No need to manually mask out the photo, either! That is one of the videos I found while researching Apple product lighting for my current video project.

This looks great. Good job!:yes:

Yay, you’re finished with it! Nice job man. Now, let’s get this thing featured :smiley: 5 stars

Hey guys, sorry for not getting back sooner. I’ve been on vacation in Kentucky.

Comeinandburn, your right, I don’t understand why they would ether. In the end, with all the editing done to the image, it makes it look more fake.

Thanks a ton James candy! The wallpapers on the phone are mostly photos I found that I liked for each image. Except, for the image with the wood backing, that one is from the actual phone.

Ulquiorraad thanks!

Thanks Fusobotic! I would love to see this featured :cool: