Mountain Home Interior - WIP

Hey, I’ve begun my next interior project: a mountain home living room. The room as a whole will be original, but I will be drawing inspiration from interior design websites for some specifics such as furnishings and the like. I’ll be posting updates whenever I feel I’ve accomplished a significant amount since the previous update. I thought of just waiting till I’m done to post it, but I feel like I’m still at a stage where I can really benefit from the advice/input from other artists, and I’m sure that won’t ever change. Although honest criticism can be painful at times, it’s important to grow & improve as an artist.

I’m still thinking of idea’s for the room, so if you have any, feel free to throw them out there. My current plan is to make a fireplace on the left wall, with a couch on the right wall and a light shaggy rug and a coffee table in the middle. Of course, there will be more to the scene than that, but I’m starting with the main pieces and going from there. I do have a few miscellaneous items in mind that I’ll likely include, such as a table lamp, chess set, house plant, bookshelf, etc.

Image #1


Are you going for brighter colors for the room or a more modern or naustalgic look?

It won’t be bright colors, but it’s hard to explain. I want it to feel a little bit rustic, as it’s a mountain home, but I also want it to be semi-modern. The fireplace will be stone, most likely a black or leather couch, white rug, etc. I’ll also include some earthy tones in several areas.

I would maybe try and see what marble tile floors would look like with it i cant wait to see it thought i like rustic rooms. Im working on a room to its on the wip forum right below ures.