Mountain Landscape

Hi guys,

For the past year or so I have been developing a technique to texture mountains. Up until now, I haven’t felt the urge to post my results here.

Thanks for viewing this thread and comments are welcome :slight_smile:

Blender 2.71
Cycles Render Engine
45 min. Render time @ 1000 samples

Very nice! I have been experimenting with landscape texturing as well. Could you possibly post a tutorial, or a .blend?


I really love it, looks amazing

Thank you for the positive responses :smiley:

If there is enough interest, I would definitely consider doing a mountain texturing tutorial. But if not, I will continue refining my technique before sharing it :wink:

Well, I’m interested! I really like the results. How did you blend the textures? Looks like you have a couple different shades of vegetation, and a rock material on the upper image. How did you do the slope dependent part of the nodes? I hope more people comment, so you’ll decide to do a tutorial (BTW I love text/picture tutorials).


I agree, this is has a really nice result, and I’ve been curious how to do this as well! You did a really great job with this, and I would love to know how you did it! :slight_smile: