I know this has been asked before, because I did a search for it. However it has never been answered. How do you make realistic mountains in blender? In blender without using ter2blend or something like that is their a way? Anyway if you can help please do and if not I guess the quest to make good terrian in blender will continue on.


well you could use cloud or some other texture as noise map on plane or grid by creating texture and then in edit buttons just hit the noise button until plane is deformed enough.

Or you could just select random verts and move them in desired position.

After that it’s just all in the texturing I think.

An ofcourse there is always Blender World forge. Try searching it from the Python Plugins. It’s made by S68.

I meant to ask about texturing thats the real problem I can model mountains but texturing is where I mess up.

well, as texturing goes, just layer up different sized cloud textures and use them as bump maps. That that should give you nice bumpy rock terrain.

As for colors use grayish/red or some other tones near that. Stone surfaces usually have color variations in almost every color.

For the texture, go to:
and upload the t-terrain texture plugin:
You should find this one very handy for ya ;o)
Layering many textures will help, of course.

thankyou for your answers but I am still having trouble getting results like out of terragen.