Mouse click and drag for Box selection

Im trying to work with a mixed Blender/Maya UI…
The problem is that when i click on standard Blender and i do a box drag select, it will be only avaiable by pressing “B”, in Maya UI i do it with left - click and drag…
Where is in the user preference the ability to switch that “left - click and drag” to draw a box selection ???
Thanks in advance

Maybe you could swtich the default left-handed option in the preferences to right handed? I’ve used this method for years - default sucks! :wink:

Mind you you could mean something totally different.

yup i solved, but now the problem is that in 2.63 “new keys” aren’t working… For example the knife topology tool (“K”) works with Blender settings, but not in maya ones!!!

I’m using the Blender keys, but with border select set to left mouse button (set to Tweak, Left & Any). I also created a 2nd keymap which allows me to shift+border select to extend the selection.

Only thing I needed to adjust was the keymap for Set 3D Cursor (change Press into Click). So it won’t place the 3dcursor every time I border select

thank you sago, now it works perfectly!