Mouse driving movement.

All of the mouselook scripts I have looked at use two objects one for each axis. However I want to be able to use the mouse to control a space ship. If I make the parent object dynamic I can only drive movement on one axis. (Becuase its an FPS script)

So i guess i have two questions, is possible to have a mouse script that uses only one object or if not do you know any other way I can achieve the same effect?

Hope you can understand my mad ramblings.


well, depends on what you want to do with the mouse movements. What mouse movements equal what ship directions/rotations? I would gladly play with the script for you,

I just need the camera to point in a direction (any direction) then the ship to go in that direction when I apply a force.

So, parent the ship AND the camera to the empties. I hope I am understanding this…

You can only parent to one empty, which only rotates on one axis, so you can only drive force on the horizontal plane.