Mouse Game Competition! (Downloads)

Hi guys, so there was a competition between mrn and I for a game, he created the theme which was ‘Mouse’. So here we go… :slight_smile:

The game is name-less and I completed it in about 24hrs, it’s a point and click game with an old-school style and relaxing music. Everything in it was made by me apart from the music. Here is the video and the download.

A link to the download on bGame. [.blend]

I can’t give a description too well because I didn’t make the game but here is a small one. Mrn says that there are cool blowing up features. It looks like his other game ‘Swap’ (that’s a good thing!). It also looks quite fun. The objective is to get the right tiles with the corresponding color.

From, it’s a .rar

Ok guys, I hope you like the games, which ever one you prefer please vote for in the poll, thank you. :slight_smile:

nice thread Ross: thanks for putting it together, good news i finished the exams yesterday after 5 brutal hours so now i can get back to blendering :smiley:

Nice, I hope you did well! :slight_smile:

It seems were getting 0 votes. We need at least three! I’m about to start a thread in Game Engine Discussion because most of the people there rarely look here, so we aren’t getting any feedback.

Please guys, just vote! It only takes a few seconds and it’s greatly appreciated! :wink:

Mrn you should create a whole concept, the idea is very original and I would not be amazed if someone from a big company copy your game, its really new.

Ross, i like your game stile, very different to, but I think that I would add alittle more animations, and also your game is more complete than mrn and that is a good thing.

Ok, mrn was first to 3 with 100% percent of the votes. Congratulations mrn, you win the competition! :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback leonnn.

I think these games are very similar in that they each have two different targets… in Ross’s game the trick is to avoid hitting one of the targets, in mrn’s game the trick is use the correct button to hit each target… I liked the art in Ross’s game better, but thought the concept in mrn’s game was more unique… very hard to decide which way to vote! I think I have to vote for uniqueness, so mrn gets my vote.
Great idea, btw, hope you do more competitions!

Thanks for the response Katot, appreciate it.

@mrn, looks like I’ve not posted about your game yet!
It’s quite fun and as others said, very original. If you continue the idea after Swap, it too could do well. It’s got the same feel, kind of adding your own theme into all your games is pretty neat. Well done again for winning, you’re crushing me with 100% of the votes! :o

Sorry for not replying sooner i just saw the new posts.

let me first say… hem hem… YAYYYYY! lol

your game is very good Ross i like it alot. Also thanks for participating and getting everything else up and going the poll and thread and stuff.

thats a good idea guys i might just do that after i finish SWAP

Thanks again everyone. :smiley:

P.S You can cheat easily in both games; Ross, the score or life counter (bottom left) has a higher z priority than the enemies (it’s closer to the camera, thus occludes the objects behind relative to the mouse) so you can survive indefinately. whilst MRN’s game has a glitch which means that using the right and left mouse at the same time picks up any tile type.

so do you mean it can kill any enemy or re clear any tile?

clear any tile i beleive

oh ok ill change that then thanks.

@agoose77, Thanks for that but I definatley won’t be returning to this as it clearly didn’t go down very well. :frowning:

hey Ross: keep working on it i think it is a good game i think eventually you could make it into a IOS or android app. maybe using like gamekit or burster.

Ah I missed the vote.
But the fun is nothing less.

Well done, nice competition! :slight_smile:

And congrats with first and second place, you’ve earned it! :smiley:

Ross, I think your game was close. There are only 2 things that MRN beat you on. 1. He had a neat little bounce on the hits, 2. his game was just a little bit more complicated. Otherwise, your games were VERY close. I would have a hard time judging these to games. :slight_smile:

Looks pretty good.

@mrn - Nice. I like the 3D effect as they come toward the camera. I think the tiles should do something bad, like give you negative points or take a life or something if you allow the wrong color tile to hit a circle. Perhaps reserve taking a life for letting too many circles get to the end without being intercepted by tiles.

@Ross - I think the game could be more complex, indeed. I like the art style, though. It’s well-designed. I think the shapes could use a paper texture.

Good job to you both!

thanks! ya i probably would have added that if i had more time but i was loosing my mind prepping for the SAT but ya good idea.

Agreed. Ross i seriously think you should make yours into a mobile game.

@Crumpet, thank you! I’m glad I earned second. :stuck_out_tongue:
@cam.dudes, thanks too, I knew his game would win, I still enjoyed participating anyway though. :slight_smile:
@SolarLune, appreciate the nice words, thanks SolarLune. I went for a more ‘leonnn’ approach this time with the art, the reason it’s not complex is because, I’ll be honest, I got slightly bored of making levels towards the end!
@mrn, thanks for the advice, I actually thought of that when making it, it’s so easy to play on a phone, and hopefully not too boring! I don’t have any experience out of Blender though, so that’s not so possible as of now.

Thank you to anyone who played or voted. :wink:
Hopefully this could happen again!