Mouse Look Camera

I am horrible at a python scripting. I found a script that utilizes mouselook for a first-person perspective, but I need it in a third-person perspective. Can someone look at the script at help me? I don’t think it was designed for a rotated camera because it keeps trying to level the camera.


CameraHelp.blend (262 KB)

Something that i did, in the DeadMan’s Frag project, is keep the mouselook on the first-person camera and place a third person camera where you want it. Parent the third-person camera to the first-person camera. this way, when you move the first-person camera, the third-person camera will rotate around the player. hope this helps.

Better yet, parent it to an empty(with the script) that’s parented to the centre of the player

Thanks everyone! I think it’ll work now!

@noob destroyer

…Nice name… Also your idea is probably better for his purpose… I used my method because in DMF you can switch cameras between FPS and TPS… once again… Nice name

Also, you could have a little fun with the “slow parent” settings.

You could use this
Just download the blend, link the group from the blend and add the 2 logic bricks as described in the thread.