Mouse+Numpad In One

My Girlfriend often watches some pretty crap stuff on telly but this caught my attention.

Its the Sandberg 2 in 1 Numeric Keypad & Optical Mouse$ukproddetailmain$

I’ve been thinking about getting a laptop for a while for on the go quickies and this looks ideal!

Its a 3 Button 800 DPi Optical Mouse with a Number Pad built in. Seems too perfect for blender?

It has the option to disable either just the mouse or just the keypad and has some other keys which with the custom keys with 2.5 must be good?

Costs about £18 from QVC UK (channel that I was made to watch! :()


if you get it, make sure to report back to us! Also would be ideal to go with the Apple wireless keyboard, which is missing a dedicated numpad.

not sure how efficient it would be, unless your thumb is super dexterous.

3Dconnexion SpacePilot Pro 3DX-700036 £536.85

this thing was aparently the ultimate in mouse for CAD.

No idea how it works… but a nice price

I actually own a numberpad mouse (different model, but same concept) and it’s a nice device to have. Most people wouldn’t need it, but it works great for Blender.

It is an interesting conversation piece at the very least. People tend to ask questions about it because they think it’s the weirdest thing they’ve ever seen.

Jesus Christ, you’d have to be a space pilot to know how that thing works.

You do 3D in a 3D environment, right?

Well, whats the problem then? :smiley: