mouse problem. MMB doesn't want to rotate

I’ve got a logitech mx 1000 I’ve had it for a long time now. when I try to use the middle mouse button in blender to rotate and stuff it doesn’t work! the screen “shakes” a little bit like it started to work but then decided against it. and if I continue to click the MMB rapidly I can rotate the screen. But only in blender. After I noticed this problem, I’m trying to get back into blender after a long break, I opened Maya and could use the MMB with out problems!

I don’t understand…

I even tried to click the “emulate a 3 button mouse” button but it wouldn’t click.

So I’m using blender 2.48a, on ubuntu 8.10, and a logitech mx1000 mouse.

Has anyone ever had a similar problem? this is the first time I’ve seen this. and I’ve been using ubuntu and this mouse for years! And I’ve usually had a copy of blender installed.

Ok. so after testing around and all I noticed that the problem is that the MMB is a wheel that you can click to scroll sideways too. So when i click to rotate at some point I accidentally push the wheel left or right and that kills the current scroll.

So I have another question, Is it possible to overide this? Can I make it so that every action with the MMB, except scrolling, is interpreted as a down click?

Has anyone had trouble with this before?


I think I have encountered a similar issue. Sometimes, particularly after some substantial zooming in on a selected object, the ability to zoom/pan using the MMB becomes significantly hindered. Occasionally, MMB zooming/panning would even fail to work. This only happens to me in Perspective view, not Orthographic view. If you have troubles with the MMB like these then try switching to Orthographic view and fix it there, then go back to Perspective view.

Try deactivating SetPoint Software
Edit: Sorry , you are using Ubuntu…hmm…any changes since last using of Blender?
Try to load factory defaults.

This problem also ocurrs in Softimage XSI and 3ds max, in the exact same way. As for the original poster problem, i had no problem with that, just that sometimes the zoom feature of the MMB is converted to PAN up/down for no reason, but it’s fixed as i restart the session.

Damn. I need to set this up to send me emails whenever there is a reply… I’l try factory defaults and see what happens

Factory defaults do nothing.

A different mouse works correctly even if i click the wheel to the left or right… I just don’t like using that mouse. the mx1000 is more comfortable.

I guess I could just use it and quit bitching…

This might fix it.

I’m using a Logitech MX 500 (in OSX 10.5) which worked fine until recently. I probably download some update that affected things. I had the same problem with the MMB not working properly. I was able to fix it by downloading from Logitech updated driver software that included a preference panel in my system preferences. I sent the wheel button to ‘click’ then selected the middle click in the available options and it now works. Hope this helps

Same Problem with Ubuntu 9.04 and a Logitech USB mouse. It start to rotate, than stops after a second. (no sideway click problem - mentioned above).
I am waiting for a fix over six weeks now.
Link I have found is this one:
usb mouse middle mouse button ButtonReleases spontaneously during downpress

Some idea how to fix this? (I don’t like to use the Alt+LMB solution to rotate the view)

I am new to Blender and to 3d modeling in general. I had the same problem with no reaction from the mouse middle button. I have a Logitech mouse, and I didn’t even know that the scroll moves left and right. However I had a Logitech software installed called “SetPoint”, and in that software you can chose the function of the third mouse button. I changed it from scroll view or AutoScroll to third mouse button. Now everything works perfectly