mouse Problem with Grab

Hi Folks,
I’m a newbie here, and a newbie to Blender. Was watching a video recently on using the Grab function ‘G’ on keyboard, for grabbing vertices, now I wanted to expand the size of the Grab, but was unable to do this using the middle mouse button. I have 2 laptops, one with Windows 7 and one with Windows XP and neither of them would do it. I turned on emulate 3 mouse Pad in user preferences and Continuous Grab. I saw a solution which included changing enable mouse specific setting under “mouse properties” in Windows to middle click, but still nothing working. I cant proceed with the project until this works. Its crazy why such a vital function should be tied to one way of doing it, is there some hotkeys perhaps I could use instead, thanks in advance.

“Expand the size of the Grab”? Middle mouse button does not expand anything, it helps constrain movement to one of the axii (i.e. the one you drag on the most). You can do the same with tapping (or double-tapping) X, Y and Z keys.

If you want to grab some vertices and have more vertices to follow, use proportional editing.

can increase/decrease the number of verts selected with " ctrl+ “+/-” " (thats on the numberpad)
or use “b” or “c” to select (box select or paint select)