Mouse problem

I have a kind of weird problem. I used a mouse script on another of my games, and then I used it on this other game i’m trying to do and it doesn’t work. The settings are exactly the same, it’s weird.

I can send you the blend file via e-mail if you want.

Thanx in advance!


send it and I’ll check it out…

I haven’t worked that much with mouse before in blender, but I’m a fair programmer and Blender user


I figured it out, the mouse script required a certain property (move) to be on the object with the scipt. I had totally spaced it.


Heheh, this happens to me all the time when I try to copy scripts over between objects. It’s always a good idea to document within the python script what properties and logic brick connections the script needs :slight_smile:

But I never was good at comments.