Mouse problems!

the other day my mouse for my laptop had a short circuit anyone no how to fix this with out buying a new one?Also if not does anyone no how to use blender with out a mouse?Plz and thank you

I don’t know how to fix you mouse, but you can use MouseKeys in Windows and MAC. Also a quick google turns up pages referencing using Mousekeys under Linux. Mousekeys basically turns your keyboard arrows into your mouse.

how to do i turn them into my mouse keys?

Mouse keys are an OS tool, so it would depend on your. In Windows it should be one of the Accessibility options in Control panel. On other OS’s IDK.

thank you very much

ok im in the control thing in blender what do i click on

in the past I have used a joystick as a mouse too, i think it was called joymouse or something like that

where did you get the joystick?

it is software that works with any joystick. Try google, I think there are 3 programs with the same name, one of them is freeware

ok ty is it free?