Mouse question..s?

I was looking through the api trying to find a way to change the mouse pointer…I have been looking for about an hour now and found nothing…aside from setMousePosition and showMouse…am I missing something? I mean it will not prevent the game from working, but I think it would be better to have a custom cursor…

Just use a mesh with a mouse cursor texture on it and have it set its position to the mouse position.

That is my plan, but will that work with the mouse not being shown? or will the mouse need to be shown(I assume yes.) and it would ‘cull’ the mouse or obscure it?

The mouse does not need to be visible for it to work.

why would the invisible mouse in any way interfere with the mesh now representing the mouse?

well it does lock to the center of the screen if you are using mouse look…it is quite reasonable for me to think if it is not visible it may be at center screen at all times…and your response is odd btw.

and thanks btw :slight_smile:

Mouse Cursor
General: The visible mouse cursor is just an helper for the audience to see the (mouse focused) point on screen. It is the default system mouse cursor. The BGE does not change it, nor has it any build-in abilities to do so.

When you think about it you will recognize you do not need it. As mentioned above you can hide the system mouse cursor and present an own one, preferable a 3D cursor that fits your scene.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]148432[/ATTACH]See 3D Cursor for an example implementation.

Mouse Pointing and Reset
When you constantly reset the cursor to the center of the screen - it makes not much sense to show the cursor at all. You can’t use it to point to something on a fixed screen. It’s typically used to turn/move the view towards the cursor (which makes the cursor appear in the center of the screen after that turn/move). The cursor is still in motion and looks like it is jugging around the center. Therefore most games show a fixed cross-hair to visualize the center of the screen (it is simple to implement and does not jump around).

Switching between Cursor move and View move
As view move and cursor move are more or less exclusive to each other there is often a switch between these two operation modes. You can see it on ego shooters.

While in game you see the view move by mouse motion, while in menu the view is fixed but a mouse cursor allows to point to menu entries.

This is typically done be switching the “mouse mode”. With the BGE you can activate/deactivate mouse look of the camera while switching the cursor’s visibility (system mouse cursor or your own one).

I hope this provides an idea