Mouse rotate with object

Hi, its seem iam noob to this software… but iam BA computer games artist. so i already has plans and designs on my book. and in my files has full of level design… Iam going try to create ether 1st person view or 3rd person view. as sole. hobby!!

look in my attach, here what ive learn about control in blender games engine so far…

right… in that games so far i has contol of cube, it can go forward,backward,left and right and jump. .(up,down,left,right and spacebar.)
and yeh i know how to turn it around but it couldnt affact to camera.

view in 1st person - press 1 ( mouse look control)
view in 3rd person - press 3.

so if ya find it only walk forward,backward,left and right… but there no turn right or left… that where i want it as mouse job. as mouse look at area and object turn to that point…

so… all i ask.

how can i rotate object with mouse movement? how can i lock it into only Z rotate?



Control test.blend (191 KB)

Just follow the tutorial on correctly - which you obviously have NOT. And then it works and the cube rotates in 1st person view while the Z axis does not rotate.

Btw. it also doesn’t help if you post a restricted file instead of a blend, unless you are afraid of “copyright infringements” which however at this point is a joke while struggling with the basics…

ive upload blend. its same as tutorial. to see ive study it again and did it. and ive add control again. still same story.

aahhh. Found an mistake!! there 2 LeftRight in it!!! so cube get LeftRight1 that why its not working!!! hah. ive delete camera LeftRight and remake LeftRight for cube. Very tiny mistake make big! heh. thank for make me restudy that small thing !