Mouse Sensetivity?

I was just wondering if it is possible to make the mouse sensetivity different in the blender game engine. I just finished setting up a mouse based camera rotation set up but the camera rotates way faster than I want. So I was wondering if there was maybe a rasterizer thing that would let you change mouse sensativity (maybe rasterizer.setMouseSensetivity?)

If there is another way to slow down the rotation I would be up for that too.
Here is a blend.

Your script has an odd method that I wouldn’t recommend using. Generally what you want to do is at the end of every frame, set the mouse position to the center of the screen (getWindowWidth()/2, getWindowHeight()/2). Then, on the next frame, get the distance the mouse has moved from the center, (mouseX-centerX,mouseY-centerY) multiply this by your sensitivity (any number you want it to be) and add this to your IPO property (or directly apply it as rotation) then, at the end of your script, set the mouse back to the center.

Captain Oblivion: Thanks alot. That really helped! I got it all set up like you said and it works great.