mouseDown2mouseUp - in logic bicks - possible?

How to simulate a mouseUp after a mouseDown

MouseDown starts a counter that mouseUp stops and then activates a action

Want to make a power throw based on the length of the mouseDown position…

must be doable?!?

I tried to find a way doing this, but didn’t find a way either.

Then I tried working my way around this problem.
Maybe this will help a little (altough it is not exactly what you want).

The first time LMB_down starts the counter, the next time it is down it stops the counter.

Might help…


As in your example, since the code can handle the mouseDown / MouseUp, I can do it right there- in the code…

Stupid of me not to have though about it :expressionless: (might have been blinded by the bricks)

But thanks for pushing me in this direction. I’ll test this latter today.

Glad I could help, but I do think you have a point here,
I would like to have somekind of a sensor to see if a mousebutton is down.

I searched several Python-sites and modules but until now I could not find a way to sense if a mousebuttonis up or down.

If you find a way to do this I would like to know too.