Mouselook in blender

plz somebody help me how to do mouselook in blender, i tried to do this:
check this link ant tell me plz what i did wrong, cuz i dont know…

Fixed it. Doesn’t work with 2.5 though.


Mouselook fixed.blend (136 KB)

THX A LOT but this is not what i want, i want to make a 2d game with TOP view, and i want this Cube to steer WSDA (walk) and steer Mouse movement(turning around) i want to cube move not a camera. plz help

Ow, ok. Something like this, then?


MouseSteer.blend (331 KB)

Yes thx a lot, but i reapeird it myself;p

Ok now i want FPS mouselook look what ive done:
can somebody help me, cuz i want to add limit to this camera, when i move it up, or down i just go to far how to do this?


Please try searching more next time. There are quite a few mouselook scripts available.

You can try my FPS setup, but be aware that it’s not entirely done. It should, however, cover your basic needs such as mouselook and WASD movement.

EDIT: Spacebar is for jump. There is no crouching yet. Also, look in the python scripts. They are annotated, so you should be able to get an understanding of what the scripts are doing. Tell me if something confuses you.


fps4.blend (214 KB)