MouseLook Problem

Hi all! Well, I’ve come across a problem while working on my game. I was using a mouselook script I found and it was working all fine and dandy. Then, I downloaded 2.74, and now it doesn’t work, even when I try to load it in 2.73. So, I decided to try Martinsh’s MouseLook. So, I got that working for the horizontal axis, but not the vertical. Then, and I don’t remember changing anything related to it, I loaded the file today, and it’s not working at all. Anybody have any ideas, or think they can get it to work? The file is attached.

mouselook_problem.blend (3.55 MB)


Martinsh’s script is likely broken due to updates in the BGE python libraries. try the one in this link:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 15, in <module>
KeyError: “CList[key]: ‘‘Empty’’ key not in list”

It is trying to find an object in your scene named ‘Empty’, which is not there.
I’m guessing this is an object which acts as the player’s head, and controls horizontal rotation ( ‘yaw’ ).

If you want a quick n’ dirty fix, replace the mouselook script with a mouse actuator noodled to the mouse movement sensor.

Cheers guys! I used the mikepan script provided by youle. Now it works.