MouseLook Question

Hey everyone, this is a slight blender, slight windows related problem, I am using mouselook in a game of mine, but now when I press the windows button to open the windows start menu, I do this to keep where I’m at in the game while being able to view other windows, but now it just keeps the mouse in the middle of the screen, mouselook used to not do that to me, but now it does. I was just wondering what may have happened to not allow me to view the other pages while the game is running, it just keeps the mouse frozen in the middle. So I was wondering if there was a solution to this, even when I use the ALT TAB shortcut it still will keep it frozen in place. Thanks for any help.

Your game is still running in the background, so blender is still running the mouse script each frame. The mouse script forces your cursor to remain in the centre of the screen. You will have to exit your game, or disable the mouse script in order to move the mouse.

I would assume the reason alt-tab worked while you were in game is because it would stop running blender, but it seems that for some reason, it runs in the background now. Have you changed anything recently? New computer, new version of blender, new os, etc.