Mouselook - Strength in Numbers II

I am posting this knowing I have more to do if this is going to be great - I have used a lot of different things to get here, but I still want to do more and really plan a great shot. Started as just a sculpt from a polysphere to get the robot head, and just bloomed from there.

forgot the particles, render again argh

Here we go… I am thinking just some tweaks here and there after I take a break from looking at it

That’s very good. It really is.

Thank you - I didn’t want just a scifi scene only, so tried something else

very nice concept and composition!
before giving any humble advice, i would ask how photoreal do you want the end result to be? i feel it can be more realistic still, if that’s your aim.
as a more practical suggestion, you can create some color variance in the grass without much trouble. right now, the grass caught my eye immediately and looks like plastic more than anything.

I’ll take a look at the grass when I open it again - and yes, photoreal is not exactly my aim but it doesn’t hurt to take critiques based on it. I plan on working up some more scenes and I hope to get better as I go. Next time I plan on spending the time to retopo all the elements and bake the displacements so I can use a lighter scene file.

Like the rocks - they are bugging me, so I will definitely need to rework those but I do think I might try something else there like some more mechanical parts, trash and debris, rusty metal, etc. instead of just the stones. The pile of brick rubble needs some love, but that was a first time to use the fracture addon and I am still learning what will and won’t work with it.

Thanks for any input, even if I don’t use it this time I will keep it in mind for the next project anyway :smiley:

It seems like you’re going for The Punisher sorta look with the skull image on the helmet. It ends a little too abruptly, a harsh wartime solider doesnt have the time for that. Maybe add alpha feathering to make it fade more naturally? Also the debris behind the bricks could be less geometric. However, the helmet is still really cool, maybe make it more focal?

PS is that a subtle Blender logo on the lowest rock? if so, props.

A little back story: the robot was destroyed in battle, and one of the soldiers in charge of that set of robots had painted the skull as a joke.

The debris was arrived at by using the fracture tools on a dyntopo sculpt, and I did think to go back later with some bump mapping if I can use a procedural that works.

That is a blender logo reference, you are the first to notice that has told me. The focus is on the head, but the story involves the mice as it is take on a drawing I did for my dad almost 25 years ago that he still has on his wall. After I get enough notes, I’ll see about coming back to work on this in layers and maybe do some compositing to get some dust and color correction.

one word… AWESOME!!!