ok please no one say “do a search!” because ive been searching for a half hour now but with no success.

all i want is a simple mouse camera script like the ones used in fps games, and some info on how to use it.


Strange, because I searched for about 1.5 minutes and I found this mouse script.


It’s all set up for you, just press P in the main window and look around. Hopefully you can understand a bit more about how the script works by examining it, or you can just build your game on top of it (but that way wont get you very far).

Hope this helps.
Good luck.

that doesnt help. there are no bounds for where the character can look. Im looking for one that is easy to implement into my game.

You didn’t say you were looking for one with bounds. Anyway, this one:


should be everything you are looking for. It has bounds, and even an interaction example (very helpfull). Also to properly implement anything in your game you should try to understand how it works, so when later you decide to make modifications (you will, trust me) you wont be completely lost.

Hope this was more helpfull.
Have a nice day.

PS: I know you don’t want to hear this, but next time plz do a search and try a little harder. I just typed in “FPS” and I got something like 30 posts, all with mousescript links among other usefull resources.

that was the .blend file ive been looking for :smiley:

i think the reason i wasnt weilding many results was that i used so many 'and’s :-?