Mouseover in ortho view?

I’ve been trying this in 2.42. The mouseover sensor doesn’t work properly when in any orthoganal view (the object responds when the mouse is in strange places). Any reason why?

Just curious, what do you use orthographic view for? I’ve never used it. When I click on it for the camera then the view looks the same to me.

It’s for 2D graphics, perspective is ignored and therefore you won’t see any distance warping that should naturally be there (like when you have two identical objects, one of them farther away, it should naturally seem smaller, but in ortho that doesn’t happen.)

i have been experimenting with this type of thing and i have the answer but i dont know how to explain it.

edit: okay ill try…

to have the mouse to alwase select the object in perspective, the ray that comes off of it has to alwase be pointing derectly away from the camera(the camera is the purple point not the actual 3d object). so if you are viewing in orthigraphic the ray will with exageration piont to the direction the mouse is at. i will make a diagram to explain.

in both images the mouse would appear to be over the object but only in the perspective

I get what you’re saying, Littlebob, but it doesn’t seem to work that way.

Try adding a plane in Top View and tell it to rotate around the Z-axis on mouseover. Look at it in ortho view at a mostly flat angle (camera not neccessary). The mouseover reacts when the cursor is Z-below the object, and in a few other places.

woops i did not finish the post

but ill try what you said to see what happens

Oh, thanks for the explanation Social. I never tried it with more than one object.