yeaah here’s my first real attempt at photoreaslism, mabye?

come to think of it, it’s the only project ive ever actually fully finished.

rendertime: 20 min.
all textures hand made in photoshop

its currently in the “armed” position, ready to snap with any slight touch of that highly temperamental copper plate.

maby you should have put some cheese on it or something, overall its very well done, i like the scene alot, apart from the lack of cheese :stuck_out_tongue:

Strangely enough, mice don’t really go for cheese. If you buy a mouse-trap, they recomend raisons, bread or buiscuits. Dunno if that matters…

It looks fantastic, but not yet real.
It exists in a world of it’s own. If you want to make it photorealistic, make a model of the dark corner of your kitchen in which it will lurk and render it there. It also needs some real-world reflection. Have a look at some of the HDRI mapping stuff around for the reflections in the copper wires and the steel spring.

Brilliant wood texture in photoshop!

it originally was just the model, no scenery or anything, and when i finally finished, during post work, i thought it would be a neat idea to put the mouse, so i wasn’t really thinking about putting cheese during the modeling process

Nice wood texture indeed!
I agree with most criticism here, but overall a great step towards photo realism.

@Yogyog: strangely, milk is bad for cats as well even though we often give it to them.


I just noticed the mouse in the render. Stupid horizontal scroll bar in new forum layout…
The mouse is too blurred to be photo realistic imho.

well…uhh…DOF 2 the x-treme? perhaps?

oh, and charles, its OK for kittens, not for when they grow up though.

I make these moustraps! I live in Lititz, PA and have worked at Woodstream for a few years now, hehe. Kinda cool too see this.

I carn’t see anything

use the scroll bar on the bottom

It’s not photo-real, but I still like the style. I’m not sure why you included quite so much empty space on the left side of the mouse-trap. I’ve just noticed the blurred mouse! at the moment the background is so clinical it looks like a lab-experiment of some sort… The sading on that trigger thing (the part that looks like a bit of tape) is a bit odd, but I’ve not seen the actual trap, so I don’t really know.

haha enzoblue that’s an unbelieveable coincidence!

and yogyog, theres all that space, because its a desktop for mah uber widescreen