still working on my subsurf and face loops skills.

here’s something I came up with and what can I say, its a mouth, but thats it. I need a lot of C&C’s so that this can inprove.

can somebody please tell me how to post a wirefram image??? without loosing the acctual mesh, so the mesh with a wire around it, so that I can post a nice wire frame, thanx.


Here comes a mini-tutorial to show you how I do this.

  1. Start with making the outer loop of the lips. In edit-mode pres [Ctrl] + LMB to ad verticles.

  1. Complete the innerloop

  1. Face and shape

  1. Create an edgeloop around the lips. Than go to the edit menu and select subsurf.

  1. Go to the edit menu and select subsurf. Leave edit-mode -> duplicte the mesh by pressing [Shift] + [D]. Then mirror the dublicated mesh by pressing [S] -> [X] -> [-1] (is this clear enough :slight_smile: ), maybe you need to press [Y] instead of [X], just try to get the right thing. After that, select both meshes and press [Alt] + [J] for joining the meshes. Then enter edit-mode again.

  1. In edit-mode select all verticles by pressing [A](one or two times) -> remove doubles (somewhere in edit menu [F9] ). After that add an edgeloop by pressing [K] and select ‘Face Loop Cut’. See the image below to get the right loop.

  1. Move your mouse button down until the edgeloop hits the lips and confirm by clicking once.

  1. Set smooth in edit-menu and render it.(this render is subsurfed two times)

I hope this helps.


wow :o

thanx, i never thought of doing it this way…i started with the lips and then modeled the verticies around it, then the rest of the them and then made faces for everything by hand , it doesn’t even look like a mouth… :x



The bottom lip should be the bigger one :smiley:

Is there anyone who had a copy of this thread? The references to the images are broken.


Yeah, I was looking for them too. Praps PM Walibie?