.mov files cause Blender to crash


I’m trying to use a quicktime .mov file as a texture (and as the background image) but loading it causes Blender to crash :spin:.

I click Load, navigate to the file, select it, press enter and then Blender just closes.

when I saved the .mov file under compression I selected “None” … I think this could be the problem because if I select Compression Type “Animation” or any other compression type, Blender can open it fine. But I don’t want the video to loose quality by compressing it :frowning:

I’m using a Mac (10.5) and Blender 2.47 (same thing happens in 2.46)

So does anyone know why this is happening or how I could work around it? Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: I was also wondering what file format would be best (in terms of quality) when exporting a movie from iMovie?

make sure quicktime does not have the output file open in a viewer and therefore locked.
compression should always be animation or H.264 or something.

I would suggest the MJPG-B codec with a light compression of 92%. Very few people work completely lossless. I have done a lot of quicktime work and find that the difference between lossless and 92% is not visually noticable, but the file size savings is great.

I would save the H264 codec for the final output. It is more lossy and will introduce a slight color shift unless you have hardware built into your system to handle H264 compression and decompression.

OK, thanks for the help :slight_smile: