move manipulator tool without moving object

anyone know how i can move where my arrows/ball thing is withough moving my object. i want to do this because i have a joint and to move it i want it to rotate at one end not in the center

It goes to where your Scaling/Rotation Pivot point is set to (button in the header).


The manipulator is usually put at the centre of the object. <<edit: as fligh % said, the manipulator itself can be positioned depending on mode of translation, whether is it object centre or 3d cursor. But if you’d like to change the pivot point so that when the centre pivot mode is on, then follow my instructions>> So, to change where you rotate an object (say for animation), you have to change the centre of the object. To do that:

Go to the Editing buttons (F9)
Under Mesh, there are 3 buttons, Centre, Centre New, and Centre Cursor.

If you want to put it at a particular point, move the 3d cursor to that point (left-click, or go to View->View Properties and enter a value in the boxes gor the 3d cursor), and then hit the Centre Cursor to change the centre to that point.

alright cool