Move one key not the whole animation

I’m going through “Blender Essentials” (so I’m a noob), but I can’t seem to figure out how to follow page 56.

If I have an object with 3 location keys in a straight line (let’s say frames 1, 20, 40), how do I move one key location so the object moves in a curved line? I have “K” pressed so I can see all of the keys, but when I use “G” it moves all of the keys (it still moves in a straight line).


right-click on a yellow line to select that key. then G. Hold control to snap to a frame number. You can also box-select groups of keys.

Heh. I remember writing this chapter. You can’t select those keyframe indicator objects individually in the frame view. PapaSmurf is correct, but you’ll need to have and Ipo Editor window open when you do it. RMB select the vertical yellow line in the Ipo Editor. This selects the key object in question in the 3D view. Then you can use G-key in the 3D view to change that key’s location.

Thank you both!