Move, Rotate, Scale efficiently?

Hi there,

on every tutorial I watched, the people tell that to translate/rotate etc. you’ll have to hit G and then the next shortcut … then the object is snapped to ne cursor I can move/rotate it without any real orientation.
Yes, I can “snap” it to an axis with middle mouse, but thats totally tedious.
Or when I hit R, it snaps to cursor and rotates somehow. But I want to hit R and then the rotation-gizmo comes in and I grab the axis I want to rotate it on. Like in every normal 3D-software :stuck_out_tongue:
I just found out randomly that if I hit shift+spacebar. I can select the “real” transform/scale etc. tools.
Is it somehow possible, that I could just hit -for example- W and then the same happens like if I click on the toolbar on move or rotate or do that shift-spacebar-move??
In the keymap there is already “G” on move. but it does not give me the real move-tool, just that snap to cursor senseless moving thing?

Hey Jack,

Right click on this icon,

select Assign Shortcut


and press whatever key you like. Be aware that ‘w’ is also a shortcut on the tweak - so probably not a good choice . . .



I’m not sure: don’t you know how to do handle this in generally in blender or do you just want to change the way blender is?

Like in every normal 3D-software

And like in any other Software someone have to learn the GUI if it’s more than the menues and buttons…

Anyway, xou may have a look at “Gizmo” settings:


You might want to use the"industry standard" keymap that comes with Blender. This keymap has wer mapped as you are used to from other software.

However, give grs a chance. Many prefer it after getting used to it and learn that gizmos are just a crutch.

Thats all Gizmos at once. A little too much :smiley:

In general I just want to hit “R” and then the same happens like when I click on the toolbar on rotate or shift+space-r (the rotation gizmo appears on the object and I can choose which axis I want to rotate)
Same with translate and scale.
But I can’t find it in the keymap settings.


at -Lumpengnom tried that and it works, but then I can’t follow many tutorials because they mostly use the standard keymap and say “then hit G then hit X then this and then that” and I have to search those shortcuts/functions on the industry standard keymap…

ahhh now i see: (by the way: Windows shift space?; Linux space or left alt! this puzzled me additionally)
Anyway, i have to thank you @DamianJ (totaly overlooked the shortcut in your screenshot), i learned something new again.

The key combi shiftSpace/Space/Alt [sSSA] and then m, r or s is for activating the Move, Rotate or Scale Gizmo and the double sSSA is for deactivating the Gizmo. (Did use only m,r,s like in Blender2.7*).
And you don’t want it permanently (my suggestion) but without sSSA.

Then you could use @DamianJ’s suggestion (right click on icon) and remap to m,r,s and deactivate to .?.

Yes and sadly those short key strokes doesn’t seem to be in Pref Keymap…

yessss, right click on the tool and assign shortcut…
Didn’t see it. I just searched the keymap settings all the time.
Now I can click e and have the rotate-gizmo on the object!
Thanks a lot!