Move the vertices from the front view to the side view

Hi all,

I would like you to help me to move the vertices from the front view to the side view of a head.

How to move the chin and cheek vertices (blue region on the picture) from the front view to the side view.
For the rest I think I could manage.

I have no background model for the side view.

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I may be misunderstanding your goal here, but to move vertices, select them and press G

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I would like to move the vertices that are circled in the blue area to the Y axis.
(see the picture above)
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Well you select them, press G followed by the axis which in this case is Y. Move the mouse until you are happy with where they are and then press LMB (left mouse button) to confirm.

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This is some unfortunate word choise because the vertices are where they are in 3D-space and if you just switch to the side view (Numpad-3) then of course they are also visible from the side…

I guess you mean something like: How can i build a 3D- face from this front view grid?

YOu can use quad view (CTRL-Q …believe…) to see this head from a top, camera/perspective, front and side (split th full in half to make you own top and side) and then select the vertices you want and move them where you want…

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