Move tool, move object only by gizmo arrows


Is there an option somewhere to change manipulating the object when Gizmo is on.
Example, if I turn on Move Gizmo and holdclick somewhere on object and then drag mouse it move object, but I want to move object only with Gizmo arrows.
The same thing is for rotation and scale gizmos…

Since 2.82, this is no more default behavior.

Now, if you hold click and drag elsewhere than on arrows, you are selecting.

Each active tool has its own keymap. If you want to assign an operator to click&drag behavior, you have to create corresponding shortcut in User Preferences window.
But all of this is new ; there is no guarantee, it will work.

Can you help with this?, or some one who have time, I can’t figure it out how to set up it properly in Preferences

I think I just found the solution, is the simple to disable checkbox 3D View Tool: Move

The same is for 3D View Tool: Rotate and 3D View Tool: Scale