Move tool

hello all
how are you?
i am new here
i impersive from this community and happy to be part of this community.

i start use in blender after max and maya because 2.8 version.

of course o learn the base and now in blender when i click on G keyshortcut i expect to see axies the tools with axis and instead there no axis tool only blind moving.
why is it like this? its hard working like this.
help me.

Many thanks in advance

by the way sorry about poor english.

you can either click on the move tool to see axis arrows

or you can use G shortcut and then press X, Y, Z if you want to move in 1 specific direction or Shift X, Shift Y and Shift Z to lock one of the axis

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thanks for reply
i know it, i mean that when i click G i want see the axis tool or its defult when no tools active

again thnks

meanwhile i continue learn use in blender this tool is surprise me

I’m not sure what do you mean but you can just keep the move tool active.
I don’t get why do you want no tools selected. Move tool is the same as select tool, the only difference are those axis visible to move object.

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thnks (-:
for your effort i appreciate it
anyway the target is for instance when i in edit mode and chooce vertics with move tool active i want chooce some vertics in select box and not one one vertics.

update: Ctrl+right button mouse its solve the problem