Hey. I am trying to figure out the best type of movement style of a third person RPG game.

The choices are:

  • A: Movement with WASD and mouse-based rotation of character Ex: KRUM (Haidme’s Game)
  • B: Arrow Key movement
  • C: Click To Move: Clicking on ground and moving to the spot.And I am also looking for the Best Attack Style. The Choices are:
  • A: Click to select, then space to approach and a pretimed attack cycle and rate where the person can just sit back and watch,
  • B: Click right mouse key to attack and collision box bounds pop up to determine what is a fair hit or not, using a crosshair to shoot with a bowThis will greatly influence my thinking. Please vote and post with the reason you chose this. Thank you for helping.

I would go with A and A (accidentally voted wrong) Because using the arrow keys to move would be difficult. How would you look up or down, would left and right arrow key be rotate or strafe. The second A because I really don’t like a game that is very “crowded”, by that I mean a lot of things going on at once.

not all keyboards have WSAD in the same places, I have had people complain for me not using the arrow keys.

Well Mmph!, just vote against arrow keys.
Arrow keys are put as up and down being forward and back, and left and right is used for rotation.