Movement of different vertices with snap in edit mode

Hi everyone, I’m new to the blender. Slowly mastering after 3D max. Is it possible to move the vertices with snapping as in the gif file?

Need to move 4 vertices, but so that the upper ones are aligned in height

Select vertex or edge from the snap menu,
Snap With active,
Select all the vertices with the last being one of the ones you want to snap from,
Press g to move and z to constrain to z and hover the mouse over the edge or vertex you want to align with.

Yep, if you have all 4 selected, you can move them with closest vertex as snapping, then restrict the movement to that axis, (in Blender Z is up), so you would select vertices, ‘g’ to move, press ‘z’ to restrict to the up/down axis, then point your cursor at the vertex you want them level with. If your snapping isn’t active, holding CTRL will activate it just for the move.
If your vertices are not already level, set your pivot point to active element, select all 4 vertices, then finally select the one you want them to be level with, scale on the z axis zero. So press ‘s’ for scale, ‘z’ for the up/down axis then ‘0’ to scale all at zero. Small video showing what I mean.

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unfortunately both answers are incorrect
last active element + snap with center works well