Movie Concept

Alright so here is the predicament I’m in. I’m new to Blender but am facing a pretty big learning curve before I get anything going. Also my computers are no where near capable of rendering. However I think I have a movie concept or idea to do…it may be something that’s out there already I don’t really know.
So just hear me out…
there would be a tiger (or lion) in it’s pen and the zookeeper would be talking down to it. And maybe scolding it for just laying around all day or something. then as soon as the keeper leaves the lion starts talking to the others…then that booming tv trailer voice comes on and says "These animals have had enough…"the screen goes black then it flashes in white words with the voice saying, “IT’s time to Strike back!”…then it shows the tiger looking around then saying “come on boys it’s go time” right before he uses his claw to cut away the avary netting allowing the birds to escape.

another scene could have them luring the zookeeper in then shutting him in the exhibit. Also with the birds flying they could drop on some annoying kid that always taunts the animals.(you know the kid at the zoo that always thinks he’s tough?)…

Anyways it’s an idea…what do you think? The general premise is the animals are striking back for all the stuff they’ve gone through at the zoo…It would provide for alot of funny skits I thought.

So I guess if anybody likes the idea and would want to enter into a sort of production partnership…Thanks for your time.