Movie/Game Composer and Sound Effects Designer

Hi, I’m a film/game composer and I’m looking for a project to collaborate on related to short animation or indie game. I can help compose amazing original music (comedy, horror, drama, action, epic, fantasy) and I can also help as a sound designer for sound effects/foley. Ping me if you have something in mind! :wink:

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Welcome :tada:

…i already saw your first post and thought: this would be nice to have someone of a “related” interest (/profession) in this community…

( although i know that some are also somekind of diverse(ly ? interested/ skilled :wink: )

Maybe you also can post some or from time to time a interesting links into the Tutorial, Tips & Tricks section… which you can recommend as a composer ?? Because some of the “tips” of people who make fantastic 3D tutorials… :thinking:( how to say this ??)… seems a bit… of less quality as they usually do… because it’s just a totally craft of it’s own… (especially music for film or games) ?!

I also whish for myself i could say more about music than: this sounds good… :sweat_smile:

Also a real collaboration needs to have some people with a “bit of” experience in projects… i guess
( we do have sometimes some “wishes” of people to help them to make their dream game here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).