movie texture

I just want to put an avi movie on a plane.
yes in the image area i slected “movie” and loaded the image which is an avi file.
the picture is there but it does not move.
any other blender buttons needing clicked?
any ideas?

Did you select the number of frames and offset on the texture menu.

How do i do all that?
the frames are the right number and the offset is zero which i assume is fine
thanks for your help

If you import your movie into the Video Sequncer does it play correctly?

If not, then Blender isn’t recognizing the codec.

If so, … then post a screen shot of your texture buttons.


I made the movie in blender -avi indio 5.10.
it runs in windows movie player
but when i put it on a plane and make another movie of it so see if it works- it is stationary.
it looks a little odd in the picture too - because it is a wide picture!
I don’t know what or where the video sequencer is!

if the link works the blend file is at
password is my forum name


Have I stumped all you experts?